Cotton Webbing & Tapes

Historically, cotton narrow fabrics were always the core of our business. Today, cotton tapes and webbings represent about half of our product line and continue to set Wayne Mills apart from the competition. Our large woven inventory of stock items is ready for quick delivery. Natural, preshrunk, or bleached to the brightest white in the industry, we have you covered. In fact, you can be sure that Wayne Mills’ white is really white: Our special bleaching practice produces a truly whiter fabric. This is why many of our customers specifically request “Wayne Mills White” in their orders.

  • Our cotton fabric products

    Our selection of woven cotton webbing and cotton tapes are incredibly versatile and can be custom ordered to meet the needs of even the most specific applications. Finishes like abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant, soil-release, and more, as well as custom coatings, are available.  Organic cotton construction is also available upon request for made-to-order items.

    What is cotton fabric?

    Cotton is a natural fiber made by separating the seeds of the cotton plant from the fibrous wool of the flower. The cotton is then cleaned and carded to align the fibers in preparation for spinning into a weavable yarn. Fabric made with cotton is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which is why cotton is preferred in many apparel applications. 

“Wayne Mills a business can reimagine itself and stay relevant in a dynamic world economy”

- Karen Randal, Director of Business Attraction and Retention for the Philadelphia Commerce Department

Why Wayne Mills?

Proudly serving our community since 1910 / Over a century of weaving excellence!