Fabric Applications

Our expert narrow fabric manufacturers at Wayne Mills craft products that can be used for many different applications across various industries and specialty trades. We offer fabrics such as cotton bindings for high quality apparel and carpets, polyester grosgrain reinforcement for recreational coverings, bright polyester twill tapes used to bind flags, and high visibility flame-retardant trim used to keep our frontline responders safe.

Explore our fabric options that are tailored to meet the needs of your application. If you need assistance sourcing a fabric for your specialty application, get in touch with our team.

Coat hangers on a rack


A bag with straps

Bags & Straps

Blue cloth binding


A roll of packing tape being used


Three Rolls of colored crafting tape


Two firefighter uniforms hung up


A close up of the arm of a brown couch


A piece of woven fabric tied to a pole

General Purpose

Colorful rows of Grossgain tape


Two men wrapping a pipe with industrial tape


A hand being wrapped with gauze


Many medals on a uniform

Military Spec

Sealing a box with packaging tape


A cute dog holding a blue lease in its mouth

Pet Products

A printing machine running very fast

Print Media Fabrics

A roll of reinforcement tape being measured


A man wearing a safety vest

Safety Trim

A close up of blue colored specialty tape


View from inside a camping tent

Sports & Recreation

A present wrapped with a red bow tie


Red fabric with a white trim


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