Fabric Applications

Our expert narrow fabric manufacturers at Wayne Mills craft products that can be used for many different applications across various industries and specialty trades. We offer fabrics such as cotton bindings for high quality apparel and carpets, polyester grosgrain reinforcement for recreational coverings, bright polyester twill tapes used to bind flags, and high visibility flame-retardant trim used to keep our frontline responders safe.

Explore our fabric options that are tailored to meet the needs of your application. If you need assistance sourcing a fabric for your specialty application, get in touch with our team.

Close-up of apparel with hangers hung on a clothing rack.


Magnified view of the corner of a tan bag and its handle laying on a white surface

Bags & Straps

Several pieces of binding webbing each of which are colored a different shade of blue


A clear roll of packaging tape being applied to the seam of a cardboard box


3 rolls of decorative tape designed with pink flower graphics laying on a wooden table


Firefighting jackets, helmets, and masks hanging from hooks on a cement wall


Close up of the arm of a brown leather couch


Twill tape covered in snow and tied around a column of wood outside

General Purpose

Several rolls of different colored grossgrain tape


Two hands using a roll of gray industrial tape outside


Medical gauze being wrapped around a persons hand


The upper left chest of a dark green military jacket covered by many military award pins.

Military Spec

A white roll of packaging tape with the red word FRAGILE printed on it being applied to a cardboard box


Dog with golden fur outside holding a blue leash in its mouth

Pet Products

A multicolored sheet of print fabric being quickly processed by a printing press

Print Media Fabrics

A roll of white reinforcement tape on top of a blue worktable next to a roll of measuring tape


A man in construction gear using a line of sight system outside

Safety Trim

Magnified view of blue silver fabric tangled together


View looking out through the entrance of an orange camping tent outside in a sunny forest

Sports & Recreation

A brown package wrapped with dark red ribbon sitting on top of a wooden surface


Close up of a piece of red webbing that features 2 dotted white lines and is pierced by a clothing pin


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