Fabric Tapes for Craft Applications

Wayne Mills manufactures several cotton, nylon, and polyester narrow fabrics used in craft applications such as sewing projects, button reinforcement, drawstrings, and more. These fabrics can be ordered to fit the unique applications of your crafting products. Explore our various colors and consider our additional fabric finish options, including pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) extrusion, reflective lamination, and many more custom coating finishes.

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Tailor Tape

Tailor tape is a general purpose tape used to reinforce seams in the sewing process when manufacturing clothing.

MIL Spec A-A 52071 A

These cotton twill tapes meet MIL Spec A-A-52071 A, Type I.  Typical uses include lining the edges of structures such as tents and other structures housing soldiers and government personnel.

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