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Our webbing products, available in cotton and polyester, are engineered for superior performance. Whether you're seeking strength for industrial applications or flexibility for fashion design and apparel, our extensive catalog offers customizable options to match your specifications.

With more than a century of experience, Wayne Mills provides the highest-quality webbing tapes for your needs. As a member of the Narrow Fabric Institute (NFI), we adhere to a strict in-house quality control protocol that ensures that we’re delivering the strongest, most durable, most elastic product out there.

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  • What are Webbings?

    Webbing tape (also sometimes called a webbing strap or strapping) is woven in either flat or bound tubular styles and is manufactured using a Cable or a 2-Sided Plain weave type. The flat, double-sided structure of webbing gives the fabric both strength and flexibility. These fabrics are commonly used in the assembly of products within many application categories, including:



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