Spun Polyester Twill Tapes

We manufacture spun polyester fabric products including twill tapes and medium weight webbings. This material can be dyed to match your needs and is offered with various finishes. Explore options like UV-resistant, flame-retardant, or abrasion-resistant. Other possibilities include custom coatings, laminations or short repeat printing.

  • Also known as spun poly, spun polyester yarn has similar properties to yarn made with cotton fiber. It is made by extruding filaments of polyester, cutting them to a length and spinning the fibers into yarn which is then used in the fabric weaving process. Narrow fabrics constructed using spun polyester yarns offer the soft hand feel of cotton and the great resistance to weather and abrasion of synthetic polyester.

    Spun Polyester vs. Polyester

    Many people ask us the difference between spun polyester and “regular” polyester, also known as textured polyester. The answer comes down to how filament strands in the polyester yarn are processed, resulting in either the rougher texture of textured poly or the softer, generally thicker properties in spun poly. Many products produced at Wayne Mills are made using 100% spun polyester or spun poly in conjunction with textured polyester yarn. This provides a unique product that is desirable in certain applications.

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