Sport & Recreation Fabric

Many Wayne Mills fabrics are utilized in the manufacturing of athletic products. Our woven narrow fabrics and twill tapes can be used in the manufacturing of sports uniforms, gloves, balls, and other equipment. These cotton, polyester, and nylon fabrics are available in light to heavy weight and provide high quality components for equipment used in sports and recreation.

  • Mil spec, UV-protectant, abrasion-resistant, and more custom coating options are available. These products come in a wide range of widths and colors.
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Cotton wicking narrow fabrics are used in oil lamps. This tape is also used in many different applications and is considered a good general purpose cotton webbing.

MIL Spec A-A 52071 A

These cotton twill tapes meet MIL Spec A-A-52071 A, Type I.  Typical uses include lining the edges of structures such as tents and other structures housing soldiers and government personnel.

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