Nylon Straps, Webbing, & Fabric Tape

Our nylon offerings include light-to-medium weight grosgrains and nylon twill tapes ranging from 3/8 to 1 inch in width. Military and tactical applications often require the strength and durability provided by our nylon tapes, webbings and more.. The Wayne Mills dye house transforms our nylon products into the perfectly colored strap on a tactical backpack or high visibility tie-downs for any outdoor enthusiast. Additionally, Wayne Mills offers a variety of finish solutions including heat-set, water-repellant, and many more. Explore our wide variety of additional services like reflective lamination or other custom coatings.

  • Nylon is a synthetic fiber commonly used to make ropes and fabric that is known for strength, durability, and superior resistance to abrasion. Nylon webbing is often used in military applications. It has a broad spectrum of useful applications, and narrow fabrics made from nylon are a favorite of many manufacturers.

“Great Service”

- Rob Zwicharowski

Why Wayne Mills?

Sustainability: Wayne Mills has received numerous awards for exceeding the standards on our wastewater disposal. We take pride in operating our dye house using dyes and chemicals that do not harm the environment.