Cotton Webbing

Wayne Mills has been weaving quality cotton products since 1910. Cotton webbing remains a core part of our business today. We maintain a large inventory of narrow cotton webbing which enables us to rapidly customize your product and quickly deliver finished goods. The experienced staff at our on-site dye house specializes in accurate color formulation for custom orders when our stock offerings of black, white, and natural don’t fit the bill. Additionally, our various finishing, coating, bleaching, and lamination options will surely transform our quality woven products into your specialty component.

Cotton webbing is available in many different widths, thicknesses, and weave styles. It is commonly put up on 50- and 100-yard rolls. We also offer custom packaging when your process requires something a little different. Our textile design staff are experts in weaving and can design custom webbing to meet your specifications. Get in touch today to learn more about the possibilities.

  • What is Cotton Webbing?

    Cotton webbing is a versatile strip of narrow fabric often used as a binding element. Fabric made with cotton webbing is known for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which is why cotton webbing is preferred in many apparel applications.

    Cotton is a renewable, natural fiber obtained by separating the seeds of the cotton plant from the fibrous wool of the flower. The cotton is then cleaned, carded, and made into roving in preparation for spinning into a useable single strand of yarn. It can be further processed through plying to achieve desired physical characteristics for its intended purpose.

    Cotton can be found in just about every part of society. Cotton webbing serves as an ideal option for many applications including tote bag handles, apron ties, belts, furniture, medical straps, slings, and military gear, to name a few.

    Stock Products: 6210, 5541, 5526, 4214, 5533, 5540 and more.

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