Custom Coatings and Narrow Films

Wayne Mills offers custom extrusions of thermoplastics and polyester based adhesives.  The extrusions can be applied as coatings directly to our woven narrow fabrics or as a film to a release liner.  We currently provide extrusions up to six inches wide and up to 30 mils thick.  In addition, we offer custom pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) extrusion services.  Our in-house tooling and machining capabilities enable us to quickly provide customized full- or specialized zoned coating options on both thermoplastic and PSA extrusions.

Stock Adhesives

Hi Temp Polyester - A high performance polyester adhesive with outstanding high and low temperature resistance.  It also has excellent resistance to laundering and dry cleaning and is UV stable.  Uses include label adhesion and textile bonding.

Lo Temp Polyester- A UV-stable adhesive with a low fusion temperature and a fast set time.  Adheres to vinyl, foam, and textiles.  Excellent for textile bonding and drapery and window treatment.

Polyolefin Base - A general purpose adhesive that is clear, colorless, and flexible.  It has the capability of adhering to and bonding to almost any combination of materials.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) - A general purpose adhesive that is clear, colorless and extremely flexible.  PSA is extruded hot and adheres to almost anything at room temperature.  PSA is often used in conjunction with our thermoplastic adhesives as a placeholder until the thermal bond is complete.  It is often applied directly to our narrow fabrics at a thickness varying from 2 to 10 mils.

Many other thermoplastics, hot-melt adhesives and variations of PSA are available for custom coating. Inquire with our sales team today and explore the possibilities with our stock adhesives.

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