Medical Webbing & Narrow Fabrics

Wayne Mills manufactures several narrow fabrics that are used in medical products, including gauze, trach tapes, scrub ties and other uniform components, masks, and other PPE ties and reinforcements. Medical webbing is available in varying thickness and weight categories and is commonly used in items such as arm slings. Other narrow fabrics found in the medical setting such as cubicle curtain header tape are also manufactured at our facility in Philadelphia.

  • Check out our performance fabric options, including flame-retardant finish, non-optically bleached cotton, starch and preshrunk finishes. Additionally, see our service options that include textile design, custom extrusion and dye-to-match colors on cotton, nylon and polyester.

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Medical Gauze

Wayne Mills manufactures several widths of narrow medical grade gauze. This item also works very well as an inexpensive general purpose tape.


Wayne Mills produces a large variety of tapes used as drawstrings in apparel, medical, and specialty bags and covers to name a few.  We offer cotton, polyester and nylon tapes for use in this product category.  Some are specialty woven tapes that were designed to hold a knot.

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