Webbing Straps & Tapes for Bags & Handles

Wayne Mills manufactures multiple webbing strap and tape products that are commonly used in book bags, tote bags, bag straps, and other fabric goods. Cotton twill tape, nylon and polyester grosgrain and military-spec cotton webbing are regularly manufactured at our facility in Philadelphia. These products are often used in the manufacturing of tote bag handles, backpack reinforcements, light weight tactical bag straps and light-duty tie-down straps.

  • Inquire about our specialty finish solutions, such as water repellency or heat setting for applications that will undergo regular laundering.  Service options, including reflective lamination and hot cut-to-length are great ways to customize our narrow fabrics to perfectly suit your needs.

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Wayne Mills manufactures a range of tapes in different widths, perfect for use on tactical gear.


Webbings are woven to be strong, in either flat or bound tubular styles. This durable fabric comes in varying widths and are commonly used in a diverse array of applications. We manufacture light webbings in both cotton and polyester.

Wrap Tape

Wrap tapes are heavy weight cotton twill tapes used in the rubber roller manufacturing process.  They also work very well as a heavy duty binding on specialty uniforms and other commercial binding applications.


Cotton wicking narrow fabrics are used in oil lamps. This tape is also used in many different applications and is considered a good general purpose cotton webbing.

Tailor Tape

Tailor tape is a general purpose tape used to reinforce seams in the sewing process when manufacturing clothing.

Printing Press Tape

We offer a cotton twill tape in the printing press tape category with multiple width and finishing options available.

MIL-DTL-43566 D

Wayne Mills offers fabrics that meet military specification ML-T-43566 T1 C3. These fabrics are general use, but are often used in clothing worn by military personnel. We offer a selection of cotton webbings that meet this specification.


Wayne Mills produces a large variety of tapes used as drawstrings in apparel, medical, and specialty bags and covers to name a few.  We offer cotton, polyester and nylon tapes for use in this product category.  Some are specialty woven tapes that were designed to hold a knot.

Apron Tie

Wayne Mills offers a broad variety of cotton and polyester apron ties. Our Heavy apron tape and cotton webbing provide excellent choices for most apron tie applications.

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