Cotton Tape

Wayne Mills has a massive inventory of woven natural cotton tapes. Our broad range of twill and plain tapes is guaranteed to meet the needs for your application. If our standard offerings do not suit your needs, inquire about our custom textile design service where we can design custom cotton tape that perfectly suits your unique project needs. Our large raw materials inventory includes a variety of cotton counts preferred by today’s world enabling us to offer short lead times even for custom made orders.

Our narrow cotton tapes are manufactured to a wide variety of specifications: Organic cotton, Berry compliant, dye-to-match colors, specialty finishes, or bleached to the brightest white tape available on the market today. Wayne Mills has you covered.

  • What is Cotton Tape?

    Cotton tape is a strip of flexible narrow fabric made with an adhesive backing that can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Cotton tape is known for having excellent waterproof qualities, as well as being uniquely conformable to match the need of its intended usage.

    In an ever-changing high-tech world, the demand for cotton tapes remains very strong. They have an unlimited number of uses ranging from industrial wraps and edgings to apparel stays and bindings to bag straps and reinforcements. Cotton tapes also perform well as standard ties, in packaging applications and for a variety of specialty components.

    Stock Products: Heavy, 5790, 5809, 5533, 17A, 29A, 35A and more.


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Sustainability: Wayne Mills has received numerous awards for exceeding the standards on our wastewater disposal. We take pride in operating our dye house using dyes and chemicals that do not harm the environment.