Military Spec Webbing & Tapes

Wayne Mills manufactures multiple products that comply with military and government spec standards, including government spec webbing, mil spec nylon, and mil spec cotton twill tape. These narrow fabric products are commonly used in the manufacturing of parachutes, tarps, and high performance cordage. Mil spec webbing and fabrics are offered in a variety of thickness categories to withstand the high tolerance necessary for tactical military applications.

  • Also available are several finishes ranging from reflective lamination to water repellant. Custom coatings and more are also offered to meet the specific needs of every textile application. These products come in a wide range of widths and colors.

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Wayne Mills manufactures a range of tapes in different widths, perfect for use on tactical gear.

MIL-DTL-5038 K

MIL-T-5038 is a military specification that pertains to nylon reinforcement tape and webbing, often used for ties and binding purposes. These tapes are light and durable and perform well when used in many applications.

MIL-DTL-43566 D

Wayne Mills offers fabrics that meet military specification ML-T-43566 T1 C3. These fabrics are general use, but are often used in clothing worn by military personnel. We offer a selection of cotton webbings that meet this specification.

MIL Spec A-A 52071 A

These cotton twill tapes meet MIL Spec A-A-52071 A, Type I.  Typical uses include lining the edges of structures such as tents and other structures housing soldiers and government personnel.

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