Firefighting, Rescue & Safety Trim

Several of our narrow fabrics are used in the manufacturing of high-quality firefighting gear, including PPE, harness accents, gloves, uniforms, and much more. Mil spec, tactical, flame-retardant, FR reflective lamination, heat set, and other high-performance finishes and products are available. These products come in a wide range of widths and colors to match the needs of your emergency service products.

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Webbings are woven to be strong, in either flat or bound tubular styles. This durable fabric comes in varying widths and are commonly used in a diverse array of applications. We manufacture light webbings in both cotton and polyester.

Printing Press Tape

We offer a cotton twill tape in the printing press tape category with multiple width and finishing options available.

MIL-DTL-43566 D

Wayne Mills offers fabrics that meet military specification ML-T-43566 T1 C3. These fabrics are general use, but are often used in clothing worn by military personnel. We offer a selection of cotton webbings that meet this specification.

Apron Tie

Wayne Mills offers a broad variety of cotton and polyester apron ties. Our Heavy apron tape and cotton webbing provide excellent choices for most apron tie applications.

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